UB-29, The Face Of WWI At Sea.

(Original: UB-29, Het Gezicht Van WOI Op Zee)

UB-29, The Face Of WWI At Sea is a dramatized documentary in which maritime archaeologist Tomas Termote tells the story of a German submarine that disappeared during the First World War. What was the drama and fate of this dreaded German war machine? Who were the crew that answered the call to fight so far out at sea? What was their mission and what was life like on board, only to end when they met their death under the waves of the North Sea?

It is November 27, 1916 when UB-29 leaves Bruges never to return home again. For a century, the alleged fate of this submarine in the English Channel was thought to be known. That is, until Tomas Termote in October 2017, off the coast of Ostend, identified an unknown submarine as being the UB-29. All hypotheses concerning this German submarine were promptly considered invalid as it became clear that on paper the UB-29 shouldn’t have been there. 

The search for an answer to the question “How did the UB-29 really meet its end?” can now begin.

UB-29, The Face Of WWI At Sea is a historical documentary film that is set in the present with the world’s history of a century ago. It is a document that tells us what befell 22 German young men, acknowledges the importance of historiography and thus puts the UB-29 in its correct place in the annals. 

With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

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